Asociatia Solidar

The Solidart Association - conducts social activity through education, culture and art. Solidart gained legal personality in July 2017 but as an informal group has been operating for two years in the western part of Romania in the city of Timisoara.

The main goal of the Solidart Association is to create space for constructive dialogue between people and participate in creating sustainable, responsible and conscious communities, where in the atmosphere of trust members actively engage in the life of the community by organizing artistic, cultural, social and educational actions.

The aims of the association include organizing artistic workshops for people exposed to discrimination against people who can express themselves and gain self-confidence in terms of acceptance and understanding. Implementation of educational projects through artistic means, organization and hosting of cultural events that are a challenge for shared values that unite and raise public awareness of social issues, combat discrimination and promote social inclusion or reintegration.

Solidart has extensive experience of association members in managing European projects, non-formal education, work with refugees and performative arts.

Key activities of the institutions, especially important in the project:

Festival of Refugee Art in Timisoara

Basca - Center for Durability and Social Initiatives

Forum Theatre Ateliers

Intercultural Nights for Migrants