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Norrköpings stadsmuseum

Norrköping City Museum is a historical museum by the Norrköping City Council. It employs 15 employees. The main story of the activity is a story about the history of Norrköping, it focuses on the city's past, a textile marketing center, but the museum also focuses on the current workday issues and having competencies in the field of social anthropology and ethnology.


The museum has its archive and photo archive. Department of teaching work, in the framework of the services of adult education programs, organized tours and lectures as well. Also, organize other user visitor programs in which it use the personal stories of site visitors as part of your community history. The museum has methods for auxiliary methods in L programs over the years as well as pedagogical programs focused on notional points of value and awareness of the value of behavioral groups. The Norrköping Museum has a long pedagogical collaboration with seniors. It is one of the main groups, and the museum offers service and pedagogical programs for seniors, such as historical themes, city walks, hand workshops, as well as programs for association activities in Norrki for seniors, makeshift programs with historical film and photos. Over the years, employee workshops have also been organized for the elderly, which currently exist, currently preparing autobiographical workshops for older students about the old times, mentioning their work in the textile industry.

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