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Italy specializes in creating learning platforms and certifying acquired knowledge. Using platforms based on the Moodle technology allows you to create courses training courses, assessment of the acquired knowledge, and award a badge confirming the training and acquired knowledge. participated in projects in which he created educational materials, to propose new ways of healthy cooking by controlling the carbon footprint of the foods we place on our tables. has been involved in many projects which the main goal was to develop a new environmental awareness and a new way of taking care of your health with simple measures that take into account the impact of their choices on the environment around us., has a department called Language Solution, dedicated to language training and the creation of blended tools for language training for adults, including seniors. S.r.l. has 4 paid employees, around 300 learners, and around 10 part-time workers, and 15 volunteers. The organization has experts in the field of innovation, the use of new technologies, local and cultural development, new forms of foreign language learning, culture, and education nutrition and use of creativity tools. Galileo has been a partner of many projects financed by the Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig programs, and other initiatives of the European Commission, and a partner of many projects financed by the regions of Italy and the Italian government. 

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