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VHS Wien has over 100 years of history, during which it has made it easier for millions of people to work on expanding their skills and, above all, to break down barriers social. VHS Wien provides the basis for further education for people with different qualifications, has a huge range of courses, and is characterized by a democratic approach to education. 

In 125 years, VHS Wien has developed into the largest adult education organization in German-speaking countries. VHS Wien offers around 20,000 courses a year. About 140,000 people want to register for courses organized by VHS Wien. The areas of VHS activity include, among others, the sectors of language courses, pro-health, social policy programs, adult education, cultural and artistic projects, and multimedia studios. VHS Wien is also the largest in Vienna, a provider of educational services, the so-called second chance. Conducts courses preparing for the achievement of lower school certificates, among others baccalaureate, for exams at university and entrance exams for the chosen field of study. In addition to the general courses, there are professional courses in economics and personality development for teachers preschoolers, caregivers, and many others. It is an efficient center with many branches, the structure of which is a model example for combining activities educational, artistic and cultural.

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