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About Us

Organizations involved in adult education with 8 Member States of the European Union have set up a strategic partnership dedicated to the recommendations of the Europe 2020 strategy. It is estimated that up to 45% of adults in the European Union without a basic digital literacy is already excluded, discriminated against, or not adapted to the labor market. That is why the European Commission sees regards the development of digital literacy as playing the key role of in adult education.

As a result of cooperation leading to the submission of the application educational project “Be smart –Strategic Partnership for Digitally Excluded” (SPADE) has been developed, whose ultimate goal is any kind of action that includes people at risk of exclusion, due to the advanced age and/or deficits ineducation. We are planning activities leading our students to overcome fundamental barriers to in the use of digital technologies, such as lack of motivation and lack of appropriate skills, offering our target groups the opportunity to gain the appropriate digital literacy at courses tailored to theirpsychophysical needs.

According to the indicators of DESI (The Digital Economy and Society Index), in the field of digitization Germany Austria, Sweden and Portugal are in the forefront of countries whose citizens take advantage of new technologies, and other partners: Czech Republic, Poland and Bulgaria are among the countries falling behind in
this ranking. All organizations that make up our partnership, in accordance with the requirements of the present times, offer courses in ICT (information and communication technologies) for different
audiences, among others older elderly and/or weakly poorly educated people.

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