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Interview no. 2: 33 – years old Macedonian woman married to a Bulgarian

33 – years old Macedonian woman married to a Bulgarian.

She was in Bulgaria 10 years ago and studied arts at private university but she left because of lack of money. Then went back to Skopje and graduated in Political sciences. Started her job in Skopje and during an international seminar met her future Bulgarian husband. He was the organizer of the event and tried to give instructions to her but she did n t follow them. They started some chasing and playing. So the love story began.

But they used to meet rarely for an year – one living in Bulgaria, the other – in Macedonia, and they decided she to move to Sofia and find a job. It was really difficult but finally she found a job at a private company. She was a hardworking, speaking languages and motivated to have her own money for living n Bulgaria. At the same moment her boyfriend received a good job offer and moved abroad. She stayed alone in Sofia in his flat working at the private company long hours for little money. She was introduced to his family so she had weekly visits with his family including with his grandmother in a small village. She had a cat. They decided to get married 2 years after they had met. During that period she started her Master s degree distant form. He worked a lot and she was very jealous because she did n t know how he used to spend his evenings and nights. He invited her to go to his town for a visit and they had absolutely fantastic time. It was her first travel abroad by plane to amazing Western European country

She started organizing a very big wedding in the town in Bulgaria where they first met. They invited many guests from both countries, including her colleagues. They organized a second wedding party in Macedonia too. 2 months after the wedding she got pregnant. Her husband completed her mission abroad. They live in Sofia and already have 2 children. Although they had some healthy problems with the first child she wanted a lot to give birth to a second child. She takes care of them alone. At weekends her mother–in law helps. She missed a lot Macedonia, her family and friends. Her husband is very ambitious and is trying to receive another mission abroad taking the family with him. Sometimes she is very tired and especially when she is nervous she speaks to her bigger child in Macedonian and her husband is angry. He wants she to speak to the children in Bulgarian without dialect words. This makes her unhappy. She realizes that every family has some usual problems and tension and she thinks she is happy having the husband and the children she loves.

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