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Video from our workshops

Here we present video material from LTT meeting in Vienna.

The second part of the training session in Vienna took place in the Refugee House in Geriatriezentrum Wienerwald. The activities were performed in the frame of the project "IGOR" (Integrationsarbeit und Gesundheitsförderung im öffentlichen Raum - in English: Integration Work and Health Support in Public Spaces). The best way to integrate people leads through friendships that can be quickly closed by working together. The mutual exchange of cultures contributes to mutual understanding and everyone can learn from each other. IGOR has increased enormously due to many project offers. These range from a sewing workshop with 12 sewing machines, a PC workshop, German courses, painting and ceramics classes for children and adults, visits to museums and concerts and the gardening workshop; photo workshop.

Workshop leader (from the film): Brigitte Gadnik-Jiskra

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